Remarks by Ambassador Jiang Jiang at the Memorial Ceremony

Honourable Minister Scicluna,

Dear Friends,

Today we are gathered here once again to pay our respect to Comrades Xu Huizhong and Gu Yanzhao. They passed away 38 years ago, but they have for ever been in the thought of their loved ones at home and their friends in Malta. People still come here every year to honour their memory. I am sure that if they were with us today, they would be greatly touched by the strong bond of our two peoples and they would be comforted to know that the friendship between China and Malta, for which they paid the ultimate price, is as strong as ever.

Not long ago, my colleagues at the Embassy and I visited the No. 6 dry dock at Grand Harbour, the very facility our two fallen comrades had helped to build four decades ago. We were deeply impressed by the sheer size and grandeur of the project, one of the largest such projects that China has ever built for another country. Four decades on, it still stands proudly as one of the busiest and most efficient dry docks in the Mediterranean region. In the days when technology was far less advanced, the credit must go to Chinese and Maltese engineers and construction workers who, with their toil and even lives, created this lasting symbol of friendship between our two nations.

Time flies. Today, China is already the world’s second largest economy and ever closer to the goal of national revitalization. Great progress has also taken place in Malta. But what has remained constant is the friendship between our peoples. As we cherish the memory of all those who have contributed to this friendship, we must rededicate ourselves to work even harder to deepen the engagement and cooperation between China and Malta so that our friendship will be further strengthened.

Comrades Xu Huizhong and Gu Yanzhao, your contribution to Malta’s economic development and China-Malta friendship has been recorded in history, your sacrifice has been etched in the mind of your fellow countrymen and the people of Malta. May both of you enjoy eternal peace! May your life’s work inspire all those who are committed to strengthening our relationship!

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