Remarks at the Mediterranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine by H.E. Ambassador Jiang Jiang

Distinguished guests, dear friends,

It gives me great pleasure to get together with you on such a beautiful summer evening at the Mediterranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since the Center was set up in 1994, 12 groups of more than 70 Chinese medical experts have traveled all the way from China’s Jiangsu Province to Malta. And 150,000 local patients have received high-quality medical service from them. These experts have won the trust and recognition of Maltese people by dedicating themselves to alleviating the pain and illness of their patients and to promoting Chinese medical culture in Malta.

Tonight, we bid farewell to the 6 members of the 12th Chinese Medical team. Being far away from home, they have worked hard and devoted themselves to the health of the people of Malta. They have demonstrated the professionalism and integrity of Chinese medical workers through their fine medical skills and high standard of career ethics. They have contributed tremendously to the mutually beneficial medical cooperation between China and Malta. Thanks to their hard work, the Medical Center has become an epitome of the friendly exchanges between China and Malta. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy, I would like to express to them our deep respect and sincere appreciation.

We are truly glad to welcome the 13th Chinese Medical team. They are also a highly qualified team, whose members went through many rounds of selection and received full training before coming here. I’m confident that the team will deliver its medical service in Malta with a great sense of mission and responsibility just as their predecessors did, and I also hope the new team will continue to introduce traditional Chinese medicine and other aspects of the Chinese culture to our Maltese friends so that the two peoples will understand each other better and form a closer bond of friendship.

Dear friends,

Last weekend, I visited the No. 6 dry dock in Paola built by China in the late 1970s. I was deeply impressed and touched. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of China-Malta diplomatic relations. During the past 45 years, whatever went on in the world, China and Malta have always understood and trust each other, and forged brotherly ties through various forms of cooperation. Whether it is on issues concerning China’s core interests, or the massive evacuation of overseas Chinese from Libya, or China’s bid for the Olympic Games and the World Expo, the Maltese government and people have always stood side by side with China, giving us firm support and generous help.

Today, China-Malta relationship faces new opportunities. The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation recently held in Beijing achieved broad consensus on maximizing the synergy of development strategies, accelerating connectivity and promoting people-to-people exchanges among countries. This will definitely provide broader space for the mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Malta. We look forward to enhancing exchanges with Malta in various fields, including medicine and health, which will bring more benefits to both peoples and cement the public support for bilateral ties.

Last but not least, I would like to thank our friends from the Maltese Ministry for Health for their help and support over the years. I hope and believe that the Mediterranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine will continue to receive their care and support. I’m confident that with everyone's efforts, the cooperation between China and Malta in various fields will make fresh and greater progress.

Thank you.

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